How Sir Tim improvised the world wide web

 How Sir Tim improvised the world wide web Innovation may turn out to be radical, but it’s built on solid foundations of what is already working. Steven Johnson is an expert in where good ideas come from, and he picks the prime example of the World Wide Web, created...

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Story secrets of improvisers at Disney

Story secrets of improvisers at Disney When you grow up with Disney films, you are encouraged to dream. Still, I never dreamed I would be invited to California to teach Disney animation staff how to tell better stories. Yet here I am in Burbank, for the first of two...

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Applying Improvisation on the battlefield

Applying Improvisation on the battlefield Improvising at a bomb site comes easily, according to this ordnance officer.  The winners are those who adapt the fastest in a deadly battle of wits.  I guess this article from Wired magazine in 2005 was one of the...

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Spontaneous Britain

A witty remark from Guy Browning, which certainly chimed 12 years ago. But is this still true of British culture now? I reckon there’s more spontaneity around now, more surprises in public life, and we are less in thrall to old, rehearsed spectacles. And there’s still...

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Using improvisation to access your quirky creativity

 Using improvisation to access your quirky creativity Julia Davis was one of my favourite improvisers in my More Fool Us performing team. She was reliably quirky, with a willingness to dig deeper into any scene, riffing on the off-beat, while generously sharing the...

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Ruth Jones and James Cordon

Ruth Jones and James Cordon – improvising the Gavin & Stacey script I always enjoyed working with Ruth Jones when she was in my improvisation comedy performing team, More Fool Us. She’s a wonderful collaborator and I was reminded by this old cutting that fell out...

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Start at the end

 Start at the end At a conference I attended recently, one speaker caught our attention by saying at the start, ‘Here’s my best slide’, and projecting a screen titled ‘Conclusion’. This provoked a warm response, a laugh and a murmur of appreciation. It’s a nice tactic...

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Why games are the future

 Why games are the future The future may be hard to predict, but back in 2011 Jane McGonigal was spot on with this one. It's a trend that's still emerging, people playing to play - for enjoyment as much as for winning. And clever designers are producing...

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On the question of inviting questions

On the question of inviting questions When you are giving a presentation, you may or may not want your audience to ask you questions as you go along. When I’m presenting, I’m usually fine with spontaneous questions, as it increases the prospects of people...

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